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6 Nov 2018

A glimmer of hope for marijuana industry with election of Jared Polis for Colorado Governor

Posted by Adam Howell

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Recently elected Colorado Governor Jared Polis has given the marijuana industry a ray of hope for more equitable regulatory treatment, as he is known as a supporter of Amendment 64 and legal cannabis.

As this is written, Polis leads in the ballot count over his republican opponent Walker Stapleton by over 100,000 votes. This lead will take him to victory as Colorado’s first governor who is not a marijuana prohibitionist.

What the election of Jared Polis means for cannabis enthusiasts and the marijuana industry is the likelihood of more jobs and tax revenue for Colorado rolling down the pipe.

Instead of having a regressive Governor like John Hickenlooper who back stabs the marijuana industry against the will of the voters, there will be a more positive outcome for the people of Colorado under Polis.

Never forget the time when Polis questioned the head of the DEA on the effects of marijuana versus alcohol and cocaine.

Also memorable was the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act, which Polis introduced in 2013. His bill sought to remove marijuana from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act, among other things.

The year prior, Amendment 64, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act, was passed, providing people with a safer alternative to alcohol. For that, the voters of Colorado were thankful, and that support now extends to Polis for questioning the historic war on marijuana.

Hickenlooper is a marijuana prohibitionist

Gov Hickenlooper, unfortunately, never did anything to support the people’s right to choose what they do with marijuana in the privacy of their own homes, and instead chose to support the racist policy that we know as marijuana prohibition.

Some of the highlights of Hickenlooper’s regressive oppressive marijuana policies that detrimentally effected the people and businesses of Colorado includes the following:

  1. Hickenlooper trash-talked Amendment 64 and the legalization of marijuana, despite him having profited from the selling of alcohol in social venues.
  2. Hickenlooper vetoed HB 1011, which would have allowed for publicly-traded companies to hold a marijuana business license.
  3. Hickenlooper vetoed House Bill 1258, which would have legalized marijuana tasting rooms.
  4. Hickenlooper vetoed House Bill 1263, which would have allowed the use of medical marijuana to treat autism-spectrum disorders in children.
  5. Hickenlooper demonized marijuana users as Cheetos and gold fish-eating stoners who shirk federal law.
  6. Gov. John Hickenlooper did jack squat to help make marijuana licenses affordable for marijuana-related businesses in Colorado.
  7. Gov. Hickenlooper did nothing to make banking services accessible for the marijuana industry.
  8. John Hickenlooper did nothing to make tax deductions and payments fair for members of the marijuana industry.

Basically, Hickenlooper wanted to revert to the days of more violent crime and sexual assaults that Colorado experienced before legalizing marijuana.

No thanks to the frack-fluid drinking Hickenlooper do we have legalized marijuana today.

Hickenlooper, however, is just one of many status-quo politicians who defends marijuana prohibition despite the will of the people.

It’ll be a relief to see Hickenlooper gone, and a warm ray of light shining down once Governor-elect Jared Polis steps in to replace him.

Adam Howell is a writer who lives in Durango. He can be reached by clicking on this link to the contact page.

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