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2 Nov 2014

Horse Gulch Blog election result predictions on a few local and regional issues/candidates

Posted by Adam Howell

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The following is an attempt to predict a few of the 2014 election results for Colorado. It is a prediction of what I think will happen, and not in all predictions what I want to happen:


(D) John Hickenlooper ↑51%

(R) Bob Beauprez ↓49%

U.S. Senate

(D) Mark Udall ↑51%

(R) Cory Gardner ↓49%

U.S. House of Representatives, 3rd District

(R) Scott Tipton ↑60%

(D) Abel Tapia ↓ 40%

Colorado State House of Representatives, 59th District

(R) John Paul Brown ↑51%

(D) Mike McLachlan ↓49%

La Plata County Treasurer

(R) Bobby Lieb ↑55%

(D) Allison Morrissey ↓ 45%

La Plata County Sheriff

(R) Duke Schirard ↑51%

(D) Sean Smith ↓ 49%

La Plata County Commissioner

(D) Cynthia Roebuck ↑55%

(R) Brad Blake ↓45%

Proposition 105, GMO labeling

Yes ↑51%

No ↓49%

Proposition 104, School Board Open Meetings

Yes ↑59%

No ↓41%

Amendment 68, Colorado Horse Racetrack Limited Gaming Proceeds for K-12 Education

No ↑61%

Yes ↓ 39%

Amendment 67, Definition of Person and Child

No ↑73%

Yes ↓27%

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2 Responses to “Horse Gulch Blog election result predictions on a few local and regional issues/candidates”

  1. Nice predictions. I would like to see Sean Smith win.


    Emily Koren

  2. Thanks Emily. I think Sean Smith would be more accepting of Durango’s progressive laws and would foster some quality rehabilitation programs for inmates that would reduce recidivism so that they could lead more productive lives in our community.


    Adam Howell

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