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21 Aug 2016

Bikes would be banned on Big Lick Trail under Draft Plan. Sign this petition to reject it now

Posted by Adam Howell

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At the request of horseback riders, bikes would be banned from the Big Lick Trail behind Purgatory Ski Resort if a Draft Management Plan for the Hermosa Creek Watershed becomes finalized.

Big Lick Trail on the San Juan National Forest has some epic views when you get about half way down.

Big Lick Trail on the San Juan National Forest has some epic views when you get about half way down.

Having another trail that is closed to bikes and motorized vehicles outside of the wilderness was a request made to officials at the San Juan National Forest by horseback riders, according to comments made by the Columbine Ranger District’s Matt Jenowiak, for a Durango Herald article.

On a more positive note, the Draft Management Plan recommends adding the West Cross Creek Trail, also known as Stagecoach Trail, into the sanctioned trail system on the San Juan National Forest. In the past it served as a wagon road, but these days it’s used more frequently by downhill mountain bikers as a connection between Hotel Draw Trail and the northern part of Hermosa Creek Trail.

As for the Big Lick Trail, it’s a cross-country trail that’s been used by mountain bikers for a long time, but could very likely have more traffic from horseback riders.

Big Lick Trail may not be the most popular mountain bike trail on the Forest, but does that mean that equestrians as a user group should be allowed to discriminate against bikers as a means to make their experience more enjoyable?

If you, the reader, are a mountain biker, or just someone who thinks that mountain bikes should not be banned from the Big Lick Trail, then please write to by October 1, 2016 or sign the petition below. Also, for those without email capabilities can call Cam Hooley at (970) 884-1414, or send comments by snail mail to her:

Cam Hooley

Columbine Ranger District

P.O. Box 439,

Bayfield, CO 81122

If you sign the petition below, be patient for your signature to show while the application sends a confirmation email to your inbox.

Petition to keep bikes legal on the Big Lick Trail

This petition is now closed.

End date: Oct 01, 2016

Signatures collected: 6

Signature goal: 25

6 signatures

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