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This is the back of a bag of Sodium Fluoride at the City of Durango Water Treatment Plant.

Blogger seeks photos of Tati-You County Fine Chemical Factory in Zhozhou City, China

30 Jan 2017 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

On the back of the Solvay sodium fluoride bags that the City of Durango has sitting on a pallet at its Water Treatment Plant, it says “Made in China” under the name Shanghai Mintchem Development Co., Ltd. This blogger is asking for help in finding photography or information about the You County Fine Chemical Plant in the Zhozhou City/Hunan, China. Here’s a related document with a laboratory analysis done by Underwriters Laboratories that was requested by Shanghai Mintchem Development Co., Ltd regarding their sodium fluoride powder.…


These bags of Solvay brand sodium fluoride sit on a pallet inside Durango's water treatment plant.

City’s $34,500 dollar per year sodium fluoride program to be subject of public hearing Monday

29 Jan 2017 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

The City of Durango is having a public hearing about its policy of dosing the municipal drinking water with sodium fluoride on Monday, January 30th at 5:00 p.m. in the City Council chambers. Jim Forleo, an opponent of Durango’s fluoridation program, obtained information from the City of Durango through an open records request that details the expenses that the City incurs each year with the sodium fluoridation program. According to Forleo: “The cost of fluoridation: Sodium Fluoride- $16,000 Laboratory analysis $ 7,000 Feed repair parts and…



YouTube Video: Backcountry tour at Boren Creek in La Plata Canyon

22 Jan 2017 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  


Image courtesy of the City of Durango.

How to get jailed for illegally riding your bike in the City of Durango’s Oxbow Preserve

10 Jan 2017 | Posted by Adam Howell. 3 Comments  

Since bikes have been outlawed in the new Oxbow Preserve, it’s important to know the consequences for riding your bike there in the event that law enforcement catches you. Bikes were criminalized in the City’s new Oxbow Preserve after Natural Lands Preservation Advisory Board members Steve Whiteman and Paul Wilbert suggested it. The ban was part of a plan to allow the perimeter trail to be open as long as possible throughout the year, with river flows permitting. The Natural Lands Board and the City…



Removal of sodium fluoride from Durango’s drinking water eligible for April’s election ballot

9 Jan 2017 | Posted by Adam Howell. 1 Comment  

A ballot initiative petition drive seeking to allow Durango voters to decide if the City should discontinue the dosing of its drinking water with sodium fluoride was successful in gaining enough signatures by the deadline, according to its lead organizer. Jim Forleo, a local chiropractor who organized the petitioner’s committee and helped write the language of the ordinance, said Friday that the petitioners got enough signatures to put the question to voters on the ballot in April. “By 4pm today, we got it on the ballot! We get…



Ten reasons why sodium fluoridation of Durango’s water deserves a public vote in 2017

31 Dec 2016 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

A ballot initiative petition drive by registered voters in Durango succeeded in getting enough signatures to put the removal of sodium fluoride from the drinking water on the election ballot in April. City Council will be taking a vote next week (February 7th?) on whether to preemptively remove sodium fluoride from the water at the petitioner’s request. Here’s why it’s important: The Technical Data Sheet for the product that the City of Durango puts in its municipal drinking water states that “Sodium Fluoride is poisonous when…


People walk up the trailhead at the end of Ella Villa Court. Currently, the trail lays by the driveways of two homes at the cul-de-sac, but will soon be rerouted to reflect the language of a trail easement signed Dec. 5, 2016.

Ella Vita Court cul-de-sac to remain as trailhead following “Homeless Highway” crimes

17 Dec 2016 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

A trailhead at the cul-de-sac of Ella Vita Court dubbed by neighbors as the “Homeless Highway” will be rerouted to provide greater separation between two recently built homes and the vagrant drunks headed to and from their illegal campsites. In addition to homeless people, a broad spectrum of others on foot or bicycle access public land from this undeveloped trailhead that sits at the convergence of the Spirit Trail, the Tech Cutoff Trail and Ella Vita Trail. It’s a convenient trailhead for many people in Durango due to its…



Amazing weather, views in Horse Gulch today

20 Nov 2016 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  


This map of the trails in and around Horse Gulch was illustrated by GIS Specialist Ben Bain.

New maps of trails in and around Horse Gulch illustrated by GIS Specialist Ben Bain

9 Nov 2016 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  


Bicyclists on the Animas River Trail ride behind the Double Tree Hotel and Albertson's.

City’s subcommittee on electric bikes mostly agree with their use on the Animas River Trail

5 Nov 2016 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

Electric bicycles should eventually be allowed on the Animas River Trail for commuting purposes. That was a reoccurring message among appointed City board members Wednesday that were exclusively selected to study the possible regulation of electric bikes on the City of Durango’s trails. Two people from each of three City Boards were chosen to discuss the regulation of electric bikes as a part of this subcommittee that met at the Durango Public Library. The three City boards and their respectful committee members were Kim Baxter…


Discount Tire is next to Wal Mart in Durango.

Discount Tire, Uhaul, big pharma among top donors opposing Arizona marijuana legalization

22 Oct 2016 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

Several prominent corporations with a presence in Durango, Colorado have contributed to the campaign that’s against marijuana legalization in Arizona. In Durango, these corporations have a physical presence and/or a customer base that’s interested to know if their purchases are indirectly funding a marijuana prohibition campaign against the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, also known as Yes on 205. Among the prohibitionist corporations that donated to the campaign against Proposition 205 were Discount Tire, which donated $1,000,000 dollars, while Uhaul donated $35,000 dollars, Insys Therapeutics…



City of Durango staff reject Southern Ute Growth Fund’s 3.1-acre land exchange offering

17 Oct 2016 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

City of Durango staff rejected a proposal from a Southern Ute Growth Fund official that would have exchanged a narrow 3.1 acres of sloping hillside with a drainage and storm water detention area for 3.1 acres of flat land next to a wetlands area. Nearly four months after Durango’s Natural Lands Preservation Advisory Board approved a blind land exchange with the Growth Fund for land in Three Springs, a planning manager with the Growth Fund proposed the exchange with Durango’s Director of Community Development Kevin Hall.…



Trails 2000 installs plastic culverts on the Big Canyon Trail

6 Oct 2016 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  



Scenes from Ullr Fest 2016 and the raw freeride mountain bike trails of Pajarito Mountain, GoPro

6 Oct 2016 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  



Pictures show: Hitting drops on a bike is freeride mountain bike culture

25 Sep 2016 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  



Photo: Face the fears of your Nemesis

18 Sep 2016 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  



Pedego Electric Bikes store opens in Steamboat Springs despite law that bans them on trails

14 Sep 2016 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

Helping to get more people on bikes without the discomfort of sweating or hassle of having to find a parking spot were a few reasons why two entrepreneurs in Steamboat Springs started up a Pedego Electric Bikes store. This, despite a local ordinance that bans motorized bicycles on trails and mountain parks. Linda John and her business partner Bruce Caplowe started up a Pedego Electric Bikes store downtown on Lincoln Ave, the main road through Steamboat Springs, last July. “There are so many people who…


For the section of Mike's Trails that's being rerouted, Crew Leader Seth Furtney, Travis Brown, Chistoph, and me dug some trail tread in Horse Gulch on Tuesday.

Trail building for Mike’s Trail in Horse Gulch: two leaders, two volunteers with Trails 2000

14 Sep 2016 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  


Justin @ Trestle

Downhilling Rainmaker Trail, No Quarter, and Cruel and Unusual at Trestle Bike Park, GoPro

5 Sep 2016 | Posted by Adam Howell. 2 Comments  

Here’s a video I made with some GoPro footage I shot while downhilling at Trestle Bike Park, of Winter Park Resort. It was my birthday, and I had two talented riders from the front range to show me around. Thanks to Mike and Justin, and I sincerely hope that we can meet up for a ride again some day!



Scenes from a Trails 2000 trail work afternoon on Mike’s Trail, with around 20 volunteers

1 Sep 2016 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

A section of Mike’s Trail in Horse Gulch that’s being rerouted was worked on by a group of around 20 volunteers on Wednesday. At least ten of those volunteers were members of the Durango High School Cross Country Team. The others were a bunch of mountain bikers. The section of Mike’s that’s being rerouted is a switch back that goes around a gully that’s hard to drain water off of.


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